DFtA plays one of the widest and largest collection of games of any CNY Improv group.  We always add new
games each show so our lineup continues to grow.  Below are over 30 videos of games we have played and
currently play.   Check out all four pages!
Dating Game
2 Line Dialogue
Another video from our infamous
Monirae's show. In this video Jon ,
Wendy, and Dustin play a scene, but
Dustin and Jon can only say two lines
a piece. Wendy must deal with these
two loons as they learn to do
something with pets.
3 Headed Broadway Star
This was the first musical game we
tried and it has quickly become one
of our favorites.  The audience gives
us a title of an unlikely musical and
the name of the hit song from that
musical.  Our actors then must sing
that song one word at a time.  Enjoy!
Gonorrhea the Musical
"That's My Wife"  
Don't Sit on My Mom the musical.
Action Replay
In this game we get an unknowing
audience member to volunteer and
she is escorted off to a secluded
room by our Dating game host. We
then have the audience pick out
traits for our 3 suitors. the
audience member comes back and
is led through the dating game by
the host where she asks questions
and then has to guess who the
guys are.
Recently updated videos:  Infomercial, Moving People, Play Scripts, Press Conference,
Show Stopping Number/Musician's Choice,You Dropped Your Line
In this game 2 performers wear
headsets, jamming out to some
music.  They then recede to the
back of the audience to watch a
scene two other performers act out
based on a suggestion from the
audience.  Not being able to hear
the suggestion or the performers,
the two performers in the back
come forward remove their
headsets and try to re-enact what
they saw guessing what it was.
"Why am I Here?"  
The Daily Grind the musical.
"Buck You"
Deer in the Rut the Musical
In this game the Game Warden,
Greg Hipius, challenges one of our
improvers to a game of Alphabet.
The two of them must have a
conversation where the first letter
of every sentence must start with
consecutive letters in the alphabet.
The audience not only chooses
where they are but what letter they
start on.
Dead People
In this game the troupe "pretends"
to be a community theater group
who has contracted a deadly
disease, except for Dustin who is
apparently immune. But the show
must go on so Dustin, moving all
the people, must enact a scene
from a famous book that is being
turned into a play suggested by  
the audience.
Emotional Objects
In this game three performers are
given three objects. The objects
are endowed by the audience to
make the possessor have to act a
certain emotion. The n they must
act out a scenario given by the
game warden and switch up the
objects, and emotions, between
2 Headed Expert
In this game two sets of two
performers must act out a scene in
an exotic locale, given by the
audience, however one set speaks in
alternating words and one set talking
in unison.  
"Oswego Crackwhores"
9/2011 Locker Room
"I Have Gone Limp"  
The Fuhrer Can't Get It Up
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